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New Shooting Law

Before you shoot a bird pest you must be able to show that saying "Boo" to it hadn't worked! I expect there will be a form to fill in soon.

On Tue (Mar 1) the government passed an amendment to general licence, number WLF 18, applicable to all shooters without consultation.

Under the new rules the shooting of bird pests will only be justified if other non-lethal methods of control like gas bangers or scarecrows have been found to be ineffective.

"This licence can only be relied upon in circumstances where the authorised person can demonstrate that appropriate non-lethal methods of control such as scaring are either ineffective or impracticable."


Can I suggest a duck call as your first line of Non-Lethal attack before breaking out something FAC Semi auto in 12g?


So instead of removing a pest, you merely shoo it off so that it becomes someone else's problem?

How NuLabor.

You can mock, but this will turn out to have been the thin end of the wedge.

Sounds a lot like the ridiculous "Yellow Card" rules of engagement we had in Ireland....!


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