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Holistic approach

Telegraph | News | Hospital removes Christian artefacts

A communion table and other Christian artefacts have been removed from a hospital chapel to accommodate visitors of all faiths.
The health trust behind the move said it was complying with guidelines from the Scottish Executive, which call for a "holistic" approach to spiritual care.
But a regular visitor to the chapel at Perth Royal Infirmary complained that there were now "just a few mats on the floor" where the communion table once stood.

"A few mats on the floor" - now where have I seen that before? - Perthshire has one of the least multicultural populations in Britain, with less than one per cent of the population of ethnic origin. (Assuming that the Scotch aren't an ethnic people - that is.)


Scotch is a drink, not a group of people.

The adjective or noun Scotch is an Early Modern English (16th century) contraction of the English word Scottish which was later adopted into Older Scots. It more or less replaced Scottish as the prevailing term in England. Scots (the modern Scots form of Older Scots Scottis1) predominated in Scotland until the 18th century when anglification became fashionable and Scotch was used in both England and Scotland.

From the early 19th century Scots or Scottish were the preferred usages among educated Scottish people, Scotch being regarded as an anglicized affectation. Scotch is sometimes still used by the working classes who often regard Scots as an anglicized affectation.

In modern English usage the general term for things from or pertaining to Scotland is Scottish. Scots is usually reserved for the Scots language and legal system. Scotch remains in use only for phrases like Scotch broth and Scotch terrier, etc. One cynical joke is that Scotch can only be used for things which can be bought, such as whisky, eggs and politicians.
(from Wikipedia)

Tim, and then there's "Scotch-Irish" which we know is a whole other animal :D!

Scotch-Irish is a damned fine blend of Whisky!

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