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Kennet Council - Nah Nah Nah - I can't hear you!

Our local Council - Kennet - seem determined to discourage anyone shopping in Devizes by any means possible. So there is Anger over proposed parking fee. But don't worry Cllr. Chris Humphries has set up a sub-committee to consider objections:

A statement from Kennet this week said: "The public can attend the meeting but will be unable to speak or make any input, but the committee will take on board their views."

Now that is the true voice of our Local Glorious Leaders.


Apologies for any readers who have noticed an increasing coverage of my local issues. In many ways the goings on of yet another averagely incompetent Local Council is of little interest to outsiders. But the more I blog, the more I learn. And for too long local politics have been ignored. In many ways the big battles have been won at national level. But down at local level the statist centrally-planning envy-mongering money-grabbing wastrels have found a home and are flourishing. We all need to get involved. And so I make no apologies for using my blog to try and do my bit to turn the tide. And I encourage you do the same.


This is what they call local accountability. It means listening to their excuses *after* they make mistakes that you were not permitted to help them prevent making in the first place.

That statement from some clown on Kennet council just proves one of the fault lines with Democracy. That such dimwits can be elected to high office, that gives them the power to rule our lives is a cross we have to bear.

We all need to get involved?

What, you mean JOIN the local numptocracy?

Sorry, but there are limits.

Blog away. We need to root out the statists at all levels, so you're providing a public service by talking about them and their follies.

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