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BBC - Long term solution

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Green Paper setting out the BBC’s long-term future proposed a solution that could end the traditional fee.The paper suggested “either a compulsory levy on all households or even on ownership of PCs as well as TVs”. (source)

Personally I have another suggestion...

And a tip - I was in charge of the Englishettes last night so I put them to bed and settled in front of a roaring fire with a bottle of red, some cheeses, an apple and a fruit knife (I find it shocking that some people eat apples without cutting them into segments first - animals). The BBC had nothing to amuse so I slotted in a DVD we aquired "The Best Comedy DVD ever in Aid of Unesco or something". Promised some classic clips etc. You wouldn't have thought it hard to find a few amusing clips from the past eighty years to fill a DVD would you. Crap - it didn't raise a titter.


You could have watched Groundhog day. And I've videoed (I hope) Stripes to watch tonight after a curry. Chanel 5 is a useful source of films when there is nothing else to watch terrestrial (especially the dismal Beeb).

The only trouble with C5, is the rubbish reception.

I'm only 800 yards from the local mast & looking at C5 is like looking into a snow storm.

Yeah, it's crap here today. Still, it was adequate enough to watch Groundhog Day on the night in question. Great film.

Worse than apple animals are the banana beasts ... how can anyone eat a banana without peeling it completely and breaking it in half before taking a bite?

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