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My backyard stamp

Blognor Regis points out that the Royal Mail has seen fit to picture an area Horton Down, about a mile or so from The Castle on a stamp - it is one of my favourite spots in the world - a wild and desolate plain; two thousand years ago maybe the most densely populated area in Europe, now as remote as anywhere in southern England. I have been up there on long summer days and on a freezing day, blowing a blizzard waiting for a Partridge to pop out of the Rape. Fantastic.
So why haven't I seen one of the stamps or heard about it in the local press?


Half the trouble is, I don't know about you, but aside from around Christmas time, these days I really only ever see the boring old plain first or second class stamps rather than the picture ones.

It's only because a letter turned up today with the Wheal Coates stamp on it and caught my attention that I looked into what the series was about. A cool range to release though. All images of South West England. Plus one in Cornwall!

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