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Looking for Hurdists

I don't spend a lot of time looking round the British Blogosphere so I'm asking your help.

There are Marxists, Greenies, Liberal lefties, Blair Babes, LibDems, straight Tories and the Libertarian fringe. But has anyone spotted a blogger who takes the Hurdist Tory Grandee line?

The Gordon Poole Entertainment Agency
will rent you Rt. Hon. Lord Douglas Hurd CH CBE PC for over 6000 a night so his views are obviously valued - so why don't I know anyone who supports them? Is it a case that conservatism in Britain is being badly let down by the Conservative party?


I wonder if the Hurd herd aren't quite au fait with this interthingummy webwhatchamacallit

The conservatives must hunt lefties like a pack, not a Hurd.

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