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Blame the Dog

BBC NEWS | News Front Page
LATEST: DNA tests show David Blunkett did not father Kimberley Quinn's child. More soon.....


I seem to remember something about the Government banning men from having DNA tests done to establish the paternity (or lack of it) of their putative children. How come Blunkett was allowed
to be an exception to that rule? Maybe the reason he wanted us all tested was so that he could know who the outside help was--apart from him, that is.

Blame the U.N.

I think men have to pay to have a DNA test to get the CSA off their backs, whereas women can name anyone as the father, and unless they pay for the test, they're assumed to be. Not that it makes any difference.

I really must protest at the title of this blog entry, implying as it does that Kimberley Quinn had sexual relations with David Blunkett's guide dog.

I'm sure the dog has much better taste than that.

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