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Sinister Gun Trade

I escaped my Oubliette this afternoon to try out the Martini Action BSA I bought last week in the dark from a man in the Pub car park. (passim). The Son and Heir and I loosed off a few shots at the various damaged crockery I had scavenged and then I thought I would try a cunning scheme. One of my many troubles with shooting is that my right eye suffers from astigmatism so I can't see the bloody target. So as no one was around I thought I would try shooting off the left shoulder. What a strange feeling that is - a bit like using your left hand....Well at least I could see the target, and I hit it - not sure though if it is worth persevering trying this out or whether to continue to squint down the range. But the biggest surprise was finding out that the Martini has a bloody left handed stock, and I hadn't noticed in the dark. That will teach me to do dodgy dealings. Still I have the consolation in knowing there is a man in Texas who covets it!


I've shot left-handed for years. A bit uncomfortable with the old Lee-Enfields but it didn't stop me hitting a 6" group at 200 yards, or cutting playing cards in half in the .22 range.

Left-handed stocks? Bunch of lightweights. Try it with the bolt on the "wrong" side and see how fast you can shoot...

This also explains why I'm now a bit deaf in my left ear - in those days, ear-defenders were for poofs :-)

Here I need a Martini LH stock. I'll swap it for a right hander any day you like!!

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