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A simple thing you can do for England's sake

If you live in England and you don't like Prescott's and Europe's Regionalisation of England here is something quick and easy you can do that will be really effective. Neil Herron has done the homework on how to put the wind up the Members of the Regional Assemblies, so much so that it is causing cracks to appear in the whole project. All it needs is more people to push. So all you have to do is Download this word document and fill it in and send it off.

As Neil Herron reports on Christopher Booker's column.

The survival of the eight unelected assemblies that he hoped would be retrospectively legitimised by referendums, and which are part-funded by local authorities, is now looking increasingly shaky.

One reason for this disintegration is the growing panic among council nominees on these assemblies that, because of the dubious status of most of these bodies as "unincorporated associations", councillors may be personally liable in law for their assembly's financial obligations, including the contractual and pension rights of hundreds of employees....

..the sharp-eyed Neil Herron, who led the "No" campaign in the North-East, has just formally brought it to the attention of his local council, Sunderland, that the councillors who sit on the North-East Assembly seem to be in serious breach of various statutory provisions. For a start, since the councillors are personally liable for the Assembly's financial obligations, this gives them a personal and pecuniary interest in its decisions, which in law disqualifies them from participating in those decisions.

Furthermore, under the Local Government Acts, it is illegal for councils to give money to bodies which may be acting against their interests. Since the North-East assembly recently voted for a regional planning strategy which some participating councils strongly oppose, for them to fund a body against their ratepayers' interests appears to be breaking the law.

Prior to lodging a complaint with the district auditor, Mr Herron has fired off a set of searching questions to Sunderland's chief legal officer, to which he has been promised "a substantive reply".

The letter you have downloaded is based on his complaint - either just fill in the blanks or embellish it a bit more. But do it and pass it on. It is important.

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Then go and hunt out your local Assembly member - for instance mine is listed on http://www.southwest-ra.gov.uk/swra/downloads/assemblymembers/Assembly_Members.pdf


Job done here. Great work.

Oh my God, Paul Crossley and Francine Haberling's names stare out at me from that list of SWRA members.

That fact alone is scary enough.

I don't know the other BANES councillors, but those two....

The only way to get rid off these anti-England regional assemblies is to 1) Back up the 'Campaign for an English Parliament' www.thecep.org.uk ; 2) Vote for the 'English Democrats Party' www.englandsparty.com in every election there is;

I have written to Sheffield council and they promise to contact me when their enquiries are complete!

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