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Tshwane Tshwane, we all fall down.

Telegraph | News | South Africa's capital to be renamed Tshwane

And just like Peking, Bombay and other non-white places the BBC will rush to use the new names. Of course they show their inate "liberal" racism by not doing this with European places like Paris, Munich and Turin.


Will they start calling Edinburgh "Din Eidyn", its British name before Anglo-Saxons and Gaels pitched up?

Why don't thay call it Mandela City? Is it only places in Britain that are named after the notorious black terrorist?

I seem to remember a friend who lives in Bombay telling me that half the population in that city call the place Bombay. Apparently there's some complex reason why half the populace differs on the matter.

Doesn't excuse the Beeb though.

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