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As England Expects points out:

The European Parliament has set up a "myth-buster" unit. This unit which is budgeted to cost about 300,000 euros over the next twelve month, is tasked with, "The CIDC is a special taskforce whose mission is to detect lies, errors and other types of misleading reporting on the EU constitution in the European media".
Of course being the European Parliament what we are talking is comments made by opponents of the Constitution. The "lies, errors and other types of misleading reporting" of pro-Europeans of course seem to be missed out.

So if you spot any please get in contact with them:

Jowita WYPYCH jowita.wypych@europarl.eu.int
Joëlle FISS jfiss@europarl.eu.int
Ralph PINE rpine@europarl.eu.int
Bertrand PELTIER bpeltier@europarl.eu.int
Dominique ROBERT drobert@europarl.eu.int
Gérard LAPRAT glaprat@europarl.eu.int
Danièle RECHARD drechard@europarl.eu.int
Wilhelm LEHMANN wlehmann@europarl.eu.int
Jose Luis PACHECO jpacheo@europarl.eu.int


Setting up a myth-buster unit to find those who lie or are in error regarding the EU is not really a problem. It's what they do when they find them that bothers me.

Reasonable and non-racist organisations devoted to the cause of a free England should work together to form their own myth-busting unit, manned by volunteers at a fraction of what it'll cost the EU. There are plenty of myths to be busted regarding England, such as using our country's name as as synonym for Britain (meaning that we get the blame when non-English British leaders play God around the world); our supposed domination of the UK, and the worst myth of all, that all English patriots are violent racist thugs. Some are, but most are not.

Get to it, then!

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