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EU racist chemophobes

A lot of chatter in the press about the huge rise in Malaria and Malarial Deaths - not a lot of chatter about how to prevent it so I was pleased to find an article that sums it up:

Putting mosquitoes first: Chemophobic EU fuels Uganda malaria epidemic.
EU must retract threatened trade war and encourage limited DDT use to control malaria.
U.S. civil rights official calls EUís Rijcken old-fashioned racist who violates human rights. (source)


malaria ... mmmmm time for a gin & tonic methinks!

Banning about the only effective anti-mosquito poison around on dubious grounds isn't the only crime against humanity the EUnochs have perpetrated on africa. If they'd cut trade tariffs african faarmers could compete on a fair basis with european ones.

Why don't european governments abolish the CAP. It would have many benefits: Cheaper food for us and african farmers able to make a living? Oh, yes I forgot: They'd have to stop pissing money away on inefficient french farmers and pissing yet more money into the pockets of assorted kleptocrats.


"Borrowed" from http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/true_story_of_ddt.htm

Here are two direct referenced quotes from environmentalists:

I am against DDT because eradication of malaria increases the overpopulation.

There are too many people and banning DDT is as good a way to get rid of them as any.

There is the faith in all its stark inhuman reality.

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