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Censors at work

THINK you can guess the kind of movie that’s likely to get the censor’s knickers in a twist this week? Michael Winterbottom’s 9 Songs, with its two tirelessly bonking actors, might seem like the safe bet. But think again. In this week’s releases, it’s a moment of suspected pigeon abuse that has got the British Board of Film Classification in a flap. (The Times)
In Emir Kusturica’s Balkan wartime farce, Life is a Miracle, the BBFC was troubled by a scene in which a cat attacks what appears to be a live pigeon. Kusturica claimed that the pigeon was already dead and the fact that its wings appeared to flap was thanks to a cunning arrangement of wires and pulleys. He also threatened to pull the film from British cinemas altogether rather than cut the two seconds in question.....


Kusturica wants to pull his movie from UK cinemas on principle. It may seem petty, given that we're talking about a demand to cut out two seconds, but, as the cliche goes, 'Big things have small beginnings'.

The other possibility is that because the movie shows Serbs in a sympathetic light, the demand to cut out such an innocuous scene is designed to provoke a withdrawal; not that the great majority of people in the UK, who don't even know where Serbia is, will see it anyway.

Who knows what's really behind the censor's demand. What are we doing with censors at all? They reflect the times. When I was a kid in the 1960s, one movie got an X rating (adults only), and was considered sexually shocking, but when it was released uncut onto VHS during the 1990s it only got a PG. Maybe someone in New World Order Labour has a thing about pidgeons and considered the scene in Kusturica's film to be ant-bird (Avist?).

cats killing pigeons.... shocking!!!! Me shooting pigeons - much better !!!!

What a wondeful world we live in eh? Looks like Star Wars episode III is going to be a 12. All the others are U's. What joy they have.
Love you page by the way.

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