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For Sale - some Kite parts delivered here by accident.

BBC NEWS | England | Bristol | Kite man's rifle delivery shock

A man who ordered parts for a kite buggy was shocked when he received two Winchester rifles instead.
Andy Coptcoat, from Berkshire, ordered two steel tubes through Bristol-based Atmosphere Kites, who forwarded the order to its suppliers in France.
"I thought the shape of the package looked strange and when I checked it, the two firearms were inside," he said.


Andy, what a dork. In the US when someone sends you something by mistake it is yours. I would love to have a Winchester rifle, you had two and you gave them to the police. I say again, what a dork. I read a quote from Andy, "It's worrying that there's little control over moving dangerous weapons round." You are completely brainwashed if you think owning or transporting an unloaded rifle is dangerous. Violent criminals and terrorists are dangerous. People can be dangerous. An inanimate rifle is not dangerous.

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