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The Scotsman reports:
The English should celebrate St George’s Day in a bid to renew national pride, former home secretary David Blunkett said today.

English national identity has been “diluted and deliberately played down” over centuries, he said.

Can't argue with that but I have a feeling he is trialling a focus group suggestion to see how it plays - out of Government he is deniable if it goes wrong, part of the family if it goes right. Still the wind is in the right direction.


Make it a bank holiday and have organised drag(on) hunts, with free cider and pork pies all-round.
Force the BBC to replay 1966 World Cup Final and the 2003 Rugby final, plus a barrage of english sporting successes from the other sports. Maybe some Aussie-bashing ashes...

For the women-folk of the Realm, BBC2 can show non-stop British recipes by st. delia and the God Gary.

Schools will be empty as children go off into the countryside to play sports and learn about Agincourt and get to fire some arrows.

Then at 9pm, everyone can gather in pubs and in street parties and have a jolly good feast and at 11.55pm we can all start singing Jerusalem and Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

In the days leading up shops can sell flags and clothes bearing the cross and The Sun will features endless babes wearing face paint on their breasts.
And the country shall be united.

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