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All that is wrong in one story

Telegraph | News | EU creche matches annual fees for Eton

European Union civil servants are building a subsidised creche for their children where places will cost more than 20,000 a year - almost as much as fees at Eton.

The 180-place creche is due to open next year, but the costs are already raising eyebrows in Brussels. Even hardened Eurocrats, used to generous living at the expense of EU taxpayers, have been startled. A year's fees at Eton are 22,380.

The presidency and ministers and officials attending meetings are supported by a permanent general secretariat, whose workers will be the main beneficiaries.

They will be expected to pay no more than 3,500 a year, thanks to subsidies provided by the EU taxpayer.


This is so Aldous Huxley. Despite thousands of years of story and literature, the Utopian dreamers insist that separating a mother from her child is simple and easy - while the evidence suggests that only crack-addicts and the otherwise deranged and emotionally distant are the only mothers who would do that "voluntarily."

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