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Dead Di and Dodi

Times Online - Britain

As the nation mourned, Whitehall cracked a joke at Diana's expense...

You can almost hear that being read in a Dimberly voice and the outrage is being manufactured..

I first news I had of the successful Executive Action sad death of Di was a joke in my inbox at about 6 in the morning - it was so quick that the news on the web haddn't caught up and so I was able to watch the media frenzy start. So no outrage at this story from here.

The Joke? "I heard that Diana was on the radio last night, and the dashboard, steering wheel, through the windscreen....."


I remember when it happened - I was on holiday in Spain. Everyone was making such a big fuss of it and I couldn't understand why. Sure, she was the Princess of Wales but in name only. She was divorced from Prince Charles, she was having an affair with Dodi Al-Fayed and I held her in very low esteem. To me, she was a fraud who feigned emotion for the media. I am a supporter of the monarchy but I don't consider her to have been part of it when she died. She was elevated to a position she wasn't comfortable in, much the same as the current Japanese princess. The Japanese princess, however, chooses to live a private life rather than batter her eyelids at every camera she can find to make people feel sorry for her.

Diana was a manipulator who would hold a press conference to say she wanted no publicity

Little known facts about Princess Diana:


The following Monday a work colleague was talking about a football match which had been cancelled.
My comment "Why, was she on the team?" didn't go down especially well.

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