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Don't tell them a thing, Pike.

Telegraph | News | Britain tells Brussels not to spend on information

The Government yesterday urged the European Parliament not to spend any public money explaining the proposed European constitution to British voters, saying the parliament's plans for an "information campaign" in the United Kingdom would be "entirely counterproductive, and inappropriate".

Understandable - the more you know about it the less you like it!


They've realised that the best arguments against the EU are to simply read about it.

I know that's why I'm so against the EU, I used to be for it, so I did my own research, because some things didn't stack up, then I had doubts, then I looked into the facts, and then I had a 180 degree change of attitude to the EU.

I now think of them as Nazi-Lite, or federal socialists.

Did anyone read in the papers the story of how the President of the EU "parliament" referred to The Great War as a civil war?
Wonder why that could be.....

Some very intersting stuff over at Oliver Kamm's about the last "civil war" in Europe, the Iberian one - mainly that the "Republican Democracy" was run by the Comintern and even the Spanish Socialists were more hard-core than the Stalinists from the get-go. The whole "brave anti-fascist" doggeral is pretty much a myth if not a hoax. "In marked contrast to Germany and Italy, political violence in the street and workplace came almost entirely from the Left."

Ye gods! They've abandoned all pretence of being on our side...

Better than that, the EuropeanParliament has decided, despite Straw writing begging them not to, to spendthe money in the UK anyway. It seems that Propaganda is not a subsidiarity issue.

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