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Killing the ill.

I haven't followed the story on Terry Schiavo very closely. This is a woman who is in a debatably vegatative state and whose feeding tube will be removed today to make her die - the story is long and compicated and unsavoury characters keeping surfacing. Follow the link for more.
On a more general point there does seem to be a rise in Doctors and carers who are prepared to advocate killing the ill and inconvienient. On one side there are many of us who say "Don't ever let them keep me alive in that state, if I haven't got enough strength to rollover for my trusty 12 bore then give me the drugs". And on the other hand we seem to be killing a lot of people who haven't made that choice.

Do you hate Nazis? Not a general disapproval and horror but real gut hatred? I don't think many people do. I certainly didn't. Yes, I knew what they did, on a personal note the Old Man suffered from nightmares all his life and probably died early from the horrors he saw and suffered. But that was his generation, he never complained.
A couple of years ago I had my RCOB moment about Nazis. We were in the Imperial War Museum in London and there was a Nazi film describing the T-4 Euthanasia Program As a German voice explained gently how these unfortunates cost everybody money and contaminated the blood, a picture came up of a youngster walking with a K-walker - a type of zimmer frame for the disabled. At the time the eldest Englishette was using a K-walker to get her up and walking. That bastard was suddenly describing my beautiful child and that is when I started to really hate, and I still do.


I'm surprised that you didn't know about the euthanasia program before. Imagine getting the letter in the mail, telling you to bring her to a certain place on a certain date. Imagine not doing so. Imagine the two guys showing up at your door sometime later to take her, themselves.

And yet there is no reason why private citizens should have guns.

The fact that so many people with disabled to some degree children followed this hated edict demonstrates the degree of terror that must have been present in the German people. Surely the lesson is to never let it get to that stage in the first place.

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