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Irish Regions

I noticed an advert for Tourism Ireland which just talked about the "Seven regions of Ireland" - so I went to have a look. To the world it would be hard to notice that there is more than one country on the island. Then I noticed us Brit visitors are sent a different site to the rest of the world http://www.theislandofmemories.co.uk and we are offered:

From the buzzing hearts of Dublin and Belfast to the remote coasts of Antrim, Galway, Cork and Kerry, each of our nine regions offers visitors a completely different experience. It all depends on what you’re after.

Nine regions! even better.

Of course I'm happy to see all of Ireland play Rugby together and even happier when Wales beat them so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised they market to tourists as one island, but I get just a bit of a feeling that a Eurpean regionalisation agenda is at work here. And of course all being one entity wouldn't upset anyone, would it?


So much for the "historic" four provinces, then!

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