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Mr "Trencherman" FM

After Rifle Practice we adjourned to the Pub and Mr FM noted he had never heard of the word Trencherman apart from in Wiltshire:

Down here we use it is sentences such as: "In the space of the last five years, he fearlessly gained 40 pounds, displaying a trencherman's appetite for life and an admirable disdain for cardiologists and Surgeon Generals whining about moderation.."..
Doesn't anyone else?

Trencherman is from trencher, "a wooden board or platter on which food is served or carved" (from Medieval French trencheoir, from Old French trenchier, "to cut," from Latin truncare, "to lop off, to shorten by cutting") + man. It is related to trench, "a hole cut into the ground."


Should't that be Surgeons General?
Trenchant. Don't forget trenchant, as in: "Trenchanted to meet you. Bite me again with your mordant wit."

I love the word "trencherman". Probably because I am one, and all the more so after wading through your local's "pub lunch", Tim -- where we gathered on Day One of the Du Toit Conquest of Wiltshire (or more likely, vice-versa).

What was its name, again, and can you please send us a pic of the outside?

Seven Stars, Bottlesford, Pewsey SN9 6LU
01672 851325.

A fine pub - even now it is no longer run by a mad Frenchman.

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