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Handbags at dawn

Telegraph | News | EU chief blames the French elite for treaty problems

The president of the European Commission yesterday launched a scathing attack on the ruling classes in France for allowing public opinion there to turn against the draft European constitution.
Speaking on the eve of a summit of European Union heads of state and government, a visibly upset Jose Manuel Barroso demanded the political leaders of France "do their job", and "make an effort to explain the constitution" to French voters, who are turning against the treaty.
Mr Barroso was speaking as a second public opinion survey, in Le Figaro, confirmed the results of a poll that sent shock waves through Paris on Friday when it showed a collapse in support for the draft constitution.

In both polls, a narrow majority of French voters said they would vote No.

'Eeee, I haven't laughed so much since Granny caught her tits in t' mangle!'


Maybe the reason the constitution's popularity is plumetting is precisely because it IS being explained to the French people.

That would be why TB doesn't want it explained to us Patrick W.

Yes, the EU seems to get upset when member governments become to honest about things European. If they were really for honesty they would arrange to have every household get a copy of the Constitution.

Andrew, have you seen the SIZE of that thing? I doubt whether the EU could afford the postage.

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