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Open Letter to MacShane

Neil Herron has the text of an open letter to Slimebag MacShane.
You say reading of the debates (you quoted) gives lie to those who claim that Parliament was unaware in 1972 what it was agreeing to. I agree the LEGISLATURE knew very well indeed what it was getting into, but the people were not told the truth then and they are not being told the truth now.....


The bloody madmen warned us - Enoch, Wedgie - while we all fell for the lies put out by the respectable conmen: Woy and co. Not again, mateys.

A very fine letter from Anne Palmer in reply to MacShane. Of course Blair will attempt to stifle debate on the EU, it wouldn't do for the hoi polloi to learn of their fate it might very well lead to opposition.
There is a great number of people with access to the Internet and they have no excuse for not being informed about events. It is up to those who have qualms about the EU to make their views known, get the debate into the open wherever possible.
"The Freedom Association" has a comment section on their website (have your say) and contains some splendid debate. Anne Palmer is one of the commenters.

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