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Its about bunnies and chocolate, init?

Telegraph | News | Meaning of Easter lost on British adults

Less than half of Britons know why Christians celebrate Easter, according to new research. Only 48 per cent of adults questioned for a survey were aware that the festival marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

No wonder that Tony Blair
appealed to Church leaders not to bring religion into the general election, he said Churches made a "visible, tangible difference" for the better in society.
Mr Blair rejected talk of a decline in religion and the Churches in national life, saying he had been struck by their revival in social action in local communities.
Christian organisations had a crucial role to play in helping young people. Jewish and Muslim community organisations were also doing a "fantastic job".

Anyway, as I have told the Staff; Easter is cancelled - no taking time off. They have found the body, it was behind the sofa all the time.


Well the festival was pinched from the Pagan celebration of spring, hence bunnies and eggs, so no great shakes.

The brown of the chocolate represents the wood of the cross, and the bunnies represent the rabbit holes in the hill...

Isn't it a coincidence that xmas and the winter solstice seem to coincide?

Christmas was 6 January until the time of Constantine who was an ardent adherent of Sol Invictus. Christmas moving to 25 December was to coincide with the shortest day of the year - which 25 Dec was under the old calendar.

Easter is even more complex really. Firstly, there was a great clamour 17 centuries ago to have it as a fixed date. Secondly, Jesus was supposedly hanged at Passover. There's three (simple) problems with this (plus a few more which arent worth going into here):
1 - One Gospel puts it the day before Passover
2 - Another Gospel puts it the day after.
3 - The custom at the time was that Passover was on a Wednesday, so it should really be a Good Tuesday or a Good Thursday.

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