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Blair rolls over and surrenders

TONY BLAIR has given in to French demands for a “far reaching” revision of controversial plans to streamline employment regulations across the EU after President Chirac of France declared that the free market policies championed by Britain were “the new communism of our age”.
Mr Blair agreed, after a major row, to water down the proposals to open up Europe’s market in services to help the French Government to avoid defeat in May’s referendum on the European constitution and to protect the “European social model”. (source)

The "project" is too important for principles...


What? free market policies = communism?

So what is the "European social model"?

Has anyone told Mr FM he's a commie?

Dammee, and there was me thinking that the original purpose of the EU was to forge a truely free market. ..

Not that the original purpose matters much to this super-state in waiting.

You english are stupid.

You waste your time blithering on in chatrooms moaning about how the Socialists are ruining your country.

If you had any balls you would be out canvasing to get your country back from the Scottish mafia running England.

Blair, Brown and the Scottish hoards have you bent over and doing you like the jail sweet thing. You complain about traffic cameras. There are very few traffic cameras in scotland - its all to screw the english - and what do you do? moan.

You are domesticated and deserve everything you get.

Engel, the word 'English' ought to have a capital letter at the start.

You may say wat you will Sir, but you will say it properly.

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