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Seven Stars

Kim du Toit mentions this local pub today - it was a pity he didn't get to meet the previous Landlord who was a gun nut (but French). Phil the Frog introduced me to Handguns many years ago - he used to shoot a 1 3/4 inch barrel S&W 38 - I remember having a lift with him when he stopped on a double yellow line to go and buy vegetables, jumped out, locked the doors with me inside and his gun on the dashboard. Great I thought - that will please the traffic warden. And when they were banned he and I went to France shooting with a BBC crew... And then I took Mr NBC to the pub to show him it was civilised - and the local gamekeeper came in with his young son and Shotgun and put them both on the bar - saying he thought he shouldn't leave either of them in his pickup. Just before he left I was over there sitting at the bar with my two year old having a drink with the local policeman ( see somethings are better in England!) Ah happy days!.


Are you in Pewsey? My Dad was stationed there during the war. He always tells us he was as happy as a sandbag. Best wishes to all the good folk of dear little Pewsey.

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