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Off to the Glasshouse

Jackson's military badges raise Brit Army's ire!

World News] London, Mar 14: The military badges worn by Michael Jackson while on trial for child abuse seemed to have angered British Army veterans.

According to The Sun, the motifs on his breast pocket or a cap badge tied around his neck included symbols from the Royal Engineers, the Welch Regiment, the Sherwood Foresters, the Wiltshire and Cheshire Regiments, the Royal Corps of Transport and the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

I think if he wants to wear them he should be able to - after he has completed Basic Training for the Regiments - nothing a few press ups, crunches, burpees, star jumps and a suitable NCO couldn't put right with the sick twat.


This would be reality TV I would actually watch. Hopefully it would be "digital" and "interactive" so I could press the red button and give him a good beasting.

We all know - don't we? - that mad git-prancer is about as sane as a chipshop full of rabid penguins on roller-skates, but what really scared me was his 'fans'. I have a link here: http://nonstuff.blogspot.com/2005/03/some-people-are-crazy.html

Funny, I remember seeing one of the news reports wasted on his trial. And seeing him, I'd said..hmm, that badge on his blazer looks awfully official. Not the usual faked badge that you see on reproduction blazers. Seemed unusual for someone like the egregious Mr. Jackson to be wearing something like that.

You'd think that with him being a shirtlifter, the Household cavalry would be more his style......

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