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BBC grudging support for GM

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | GM golden rice boosts vitamin A

the first concrete evidence that GM technology can produce crops aimed at solving the pressing problems of the developing world, rather than increasing the profits of western biotechnology companies.


Because the Multinasyonals force poor farmers to buy expensive seeds that are of zero use to them.

I hate the assumptions underlying news like this.

If a company cannot produce something useful for its customers it goes out of business. Of course this is something that the BBC with its "unusual business model" finds hard to understand.

The poor BBC, GM crops or childhood blindness, it's a very tough call!!

Golden rice isn't the first concrete evidence. What about Bt cotton? Many farmers in countries across the world are using Bt cotton. The result? Higher yields, less need to use pesticides (meaning, less costs and less health hazards for farmers) and greater profits for small farmers.

I can't believe the anti-GM lobby though. I was reading about the so-called 'terminator' gene. It was quite interesting that a few years ago the anti-GM lobby called for sterile crops to ensure that there wasn't the possibility of cross-pollination. So the agro businesses created sterile crops in response to the demand by the Green types. Then they get a slating because they went along. Can't win. These people really are fanatics.

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