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Follow up to Kennet Councillor

Following up the post below An Englishman's Castle: Kennet Council and the SWRA I am including the following covering note to the Leader of the Council.

I look forward to a reply.

Cllr. Christopher Humphries
Kennet Council

Dear Cllr. Christopher Humphries

I apologise for troubling you again but I thought you ought to be copied in again to my letter to Ms M Memoli regarding possible problems with Kennetís relationship with the SWRA. Iím afraid most of my original questions went unanswered and so I am having to ask them again, in hope of either getting an answer or a reason why they are unanswerable.

In the meantime, so that we can all swiftly move on, it would be most helpful if you could answer this simple question:

Could you confirm that during the entire time that you have been a member of the SWRA and Kennet Council you have always acted correctly and declared an interest and withdrawn from any meeting, and exerted no influence, whenever Kennet Councilís support for the SWRA was discussed?

Yours sincerely,


I fear that the most you will achieve is to make them feel vaguely uncomfortable. They don't really care what people think, and if there were any chance of the sh*t properly hitting the fan, no doubt a bit of retrospective emergency legislation would be rushed through to sanction whatever is going on.

I suspect what is happening at present is that the Govt are waiting to see exactly how the dust settles after the NE referendum, before starting on whichever of their plan B, C, etc was prepared for this eventuality.

One way or another, they will do whatever they want, as usual.

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