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Let us escape from the mucky world of politics for a day and enjoy the cleaner healthier world of heavy engineering:
Watching the late Fred Dibnah on the box last night was a joy as he toured Britain bring great engineering to us. His views are to quote:

"Fred Dibnah pushed into the world in 1938, a world, which in his view has been going downhill ever since, he has had two main passions - Steeplejacks and Steam Engines."

As he drives his steam engine around the country fuelled by water, coal and beer (I have never seen so many shots of someone driving supping cans of ale!) he also came across a modern example of a fantastic project -

The Falkirk Wheel - a boat lift designed to connect the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde Canal 25 m below. Magnificent!


Yes, 850 Black Watch soldiers worth thousands of GIs. No doubt it might be true. But what you overlooked was the fact that these Black Watch fellows were told to fly the Scottish Salter instead of the Union Jack. Naturally, I prefer the Scottish Salter (and the Cross of St. George) anyday to New World Order Labour's adopted butcher's apron, but the reasoning behind it should worry you. It was flown to give the impression to Iraqis (who don't care anyway) that these troops were also oppressed, like them, by the awful English. They thought it might dampen resistance. It did no such thing, except, of course, to once again rubbish the English by giving an indifferent world the false impression that 'perfidious Albion' (aka 50 million ordinary, hard-working English people of varying ethnic origins) is to blame for everything.

Sorry but that's all cobblers.

The Black Watch would fly the Saltire anyway (not Salter, you ignoramus) because they are proud to be Scottish. They're not oppressed by the English at all, they feel themselves superior to them, and - in a military sense - with a few exceptions from around Hereford way, that might well be true.

Showing the Saltire on active service was also a way of putting the finger up to Blair, who was all set to disband the regiment as soon as they'd done the job for him. Feh.

Not that it has anything to do with Fred, steeplejacks, or steam engines and only a tenuous connection with massive beer consumption; you don't have to be scottish to join a highland regiment! I met many Korean war veterans from Northampton as the BW recruits heavily in that area. In fact therewere plobbery more Jocks in my old gunner regiment than in the Watch and Argylls combined!!

The Northants BW connection. Somthing to do with Corby steelworks I suspect. Corby is something of a Scottish colony in Northants I believe.

Queen's Own Highlanders have Nottingham Leicester Liverpool and London branches because during the war (ask your Daddy...) the War Office spake thus: Next 600 recruits will be 14th Battalion the Seaforth Highlanders. But we come from Leicester! Shut up and get your kilts on! Sah! aye sah! *assumes Scottish accent and swaggers off wearing kilt but being English also wears underwear...*

RSM 1 QO HLDRS mid 90s 'Scouser'
RSM 1 HLDRS mid 90s Aussie frae Melbourne

My Highland regiment full of 20 odd Canucks, 1 Yank (Long Beach California!) around 100 English especially Scousers as we had allied TA regiment called Liverpool Scottish. Australian RSM Drum Major Kiwi Pipe Major and now 37 Fijians!

There are a few Jocks as well actually.....

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