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Urgh! Rough as Badger's Arse this morning - cold streaming out every oriface, guts as rotten as a nu-labour promise and the Englishettes have brought a sickness bug back to The Castle. Combined with a few beers with the Good Colonel last night - "So what are these Bloggie things then?" - and I am not a well bunny. If I can leave off driving the Porcelain Bus for long enough - IPA, Pork Scratchings and Gaviscon don't look any better the second time round - I will try and make use of my enforced leisure by filling in the most important form this year.
My subsidy application: Punching the numbers in to the FWi - Single Farm Payment Calculator it looks OK for the next ten years, provided no one goes and upsets the EU applecart.
And once that it is done it will be filling in the Entry Level Stewardship application.
And of course the Countryside Stewardship Scheme still has another eight years to run on this farm. I tell you it is hard work being a farmer these days..


drinking with The Good Colonel is a dangerous sport as you well know sir!

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