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Ahhh Bacon!

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | 'Smelly' bacon butties off menu

A sandwich shop has been banned from selling bacon butties after a vegetarian complained about the smell.

There is something about the smell of a Bacon Sandwich which tempts even the hardest Veggie - I would contribute to a Hog roast on the street outside just to annoy him further!


Another disgrace, a sandwich shop can sell bacon sandwiches without the need to apply for change of use to hot food take away, provided the majority of their sales are cold sandwiches then there is no breach of planning as it is ancilliary to the main use; you do not have to have a planning permission for every single possible use, only for the main use.

How about we ban the grass-muncher from breathing? Self-centred prick.

Vegetarians typically consume a lot of beans in order to get their fill of nutrition - so they fart a lot! Yecch, grassy chlorophyll on the breath, and methane bombs out back!

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