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Another trough they have their snouts in.

Telegraph | News | UK challenges subsidy for elite Euro-schools

The Government is preparing for a showdown with its European Union partners over the more than 14 million that Britain spends every year subsidising a network of elite schools for the children of EU bureaucrats.
Few taxpayers have even heard of the "European Schools", established 50 years ago to provide a free, highly academic education for the children of EU officials and accredited diplomats.

2,000 of the 20,000 pupils at European Schools are British
Britain spends proportionally more than any other nation on funding the 13 schools, whose overall budget this year is 160 million.

I was going to say unbelievable but no it is all too believable with the whole crooked European Empire.


My kids went to the British School of Brussels when I was based at HQ NATO 86-88. For what the government was paying in Brussels the education was rubbish; glorified mess of baccelaurate/A levels/Scottish Highers etc. There were loads of Belgium kids there as well which I thought was a bit iffy; UK were paying for belgium civil servants' kids. Did you see the report on the new creche? Euro-craphats pay 2000 a year for something that should cost them 20,000! Guess who is paying the difference? *Hey not fair! You peeked at the answer and came up with...UK taxpayers*

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