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Kennet Council Diversity

I have been kindly sent an invitation to a Kennet Council Diversity Task Group event - 10am - 4 pm Mon 25th April:

"Kennet is a wonderfully diverse community. As a key member (Woh - that sounds like elitism - are they suggesting I'm more important than others..)you are warmly welcomed to an innovative, informative and enjoyable event to explore diversity in Kennet and what it means for you and your organisation.

Three especially commissioned plays will help us all to understand the needs of our diverse community, the issues.... No please, not bloody Street Theatre as a political weapon. I'm almost tempted to take some unpaid time off work to go along and mock...

I thought I would Google a bit on the Kennet Diversity Task Group and the wonderfully named Chair - Karolyne Fudge-Malik
kfudgemalik@communityfirst.org.uk (01380) 722475
Karolyne aims to enable people from a diversity of cultures to access appropriate services from the voluntary sector. Much of the work is arts-based

And I have found out what their problem is...

Kennet isn't diverse enough!a Report

It proved particularly difficult to fill out the limited picture presented by the statistical data in relation to racist crime. The minority ethnic population of Kennet is very small, almost certainly under 1%, and there are no minority ethnic communities of any size in the District.
Wiltshire Racial Equality Council has not yet succeeded in making and
sustaining links with more than a handful of minority ethnic residents in Kennet, so it was not possible to identify a group of people able to describe the experience of crime and harassment of minority ethnic residents in the District. It will be a priority for the Diversity Task Group to make the necessary contacts with minority ethnic residents to supplement the information coming from the police and the Incident Self Reporting Forms.

In other words there is bugger all racist crime so we are going to bully people to find it.

With regard to homophobic crime, there was a similar difficulty in
putting together a focus group of gay and lesbian residents. This was
less to do with a lack of numbers if national estimates were to be
applied to Kennet, they would suggest a likely gay and lesbian
population of at least 4,000 than with the absence of a centre or
meeting place within the District where gay and lesbian residents can
gain mutual support and identify issues of shared concern.

Ditto Queer bashing - but if we had a nice friendly centre maybe they would come and report crimes..

Fewer travellers settle in Kennet than in some other parts of
Wiltshire, a reflection of the lack of authorised sites in the District, its position in relation to the main routes used by travellers (Avebury apart), and the rapid enforcement procedures of the County Council and the Police against those using unauthorised sites. Nevertheless, a clearer focus on travellers, both as victims and perpetrators of crime and disorder, would help to protect those whose way of life tends to attract prejudice and harassment, and to bring together those in the voluntary and statutory sectors who hold welfare and enforcement responsibilities.

And even the Pikey's don't complain...

So despite there not being any need for it there was a demand for :

the setting up of a Diversity Action Group, responding to the needs of minorities and others who are, or feel themselves to be at greater risk of victimisation than the general population

And if there aren't any victims we will manufacture them.

Yes I think I will try and go along for an hour or so - I wonder if Mr FM would like to come along as well - after all he suffers prejudice..


A group of over paid and otherwise unemployable socialist busybodies leeching off your council tax and trying to justify their own non-jobs. The only difference between GB and Nazi Germany is not all these petty officials have a uniform.

Di more focus groups there are diverse things become...

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