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The Cabarfeidh Pages (Highland Warriors) brings us:

Promote positive values, active citizenship and increased awareness of community and culture

Encourage positive attitudes to further learning

Have a positive impact on social exclusion and reduce alienation

Enable young people to play an active role in decisions which affect them.

Promote young people€™s self-esteem, social development and sense of identity.

Encourage flexibility and diversity in teaching without detracting from common entitlements

Promote creativity and higher-order intellectual skills and encourage emotional was well as cognitive development

Encourage the valuing of all kinds of achievement

Help young people deal with change and uncertainty and promote their capacity for constructive dissent

Help teachers to develop professionally, increasing their self-confidence and autonomy.

Encourage parents to realise their role in supporting children's education

No mention of actually teaching the children anything, just PC bollocks!

Going through the process of finding a school for the eldest Englishette I have noted this problem before. What I want from a school is simple - I want it to turn her into a decent well educated kid who has been encouraged to reach her highest potential in all areas. The school we were recommended only talked to us about how it promoted "peer socialisation" i.e. it let the kids play together. We turned that one down.


I just wonder what ever happened to teaching kids to read, write & do some maths?

We are too busy trying to survive rather than teach them....nah the big problem is actually the so-called 'inclusion' policy whereby every little scroat gets to stay in a class regardless of whether he/she wants to or not. Result: disruption and chaos by one or two with the other 25-28 who WANT to learn not being able to.

Bring back borstals! The birch! Hanging! A gibbet with the crow eaten remains of Blenkinsop Minor swinging outside the school gates will soon ensure the rest (and Blenkinsop Major) behave..... 8-)

Keep her at home and teach her yourself.

(While you still have the right to do so)

It's the only way to get what you want.

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