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New Regiment

BBC NEWS | UK | Special forces regiment created

A new special forces regiment is to be operational from Wednesday, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has announced.
The Special Reconnaissance Regiment, or SRR, will provide specialist support for overseas operations, particularly those against international terrorism.

Just like that - a new regiment! With the SAS giving up on the RAF, prefering the Petrols to provide instruction on how to fall out of things, and the SBS under extreme pressure to shape up or else, times are interesting in the murky world of Special Forces...


With the exception of SAS/SBS I have always been wary of anything with "Special" in its title.

I wonder how this new regiment will differ from 1 Para's new role as Ranger Battalion.

Perhaps this is more "double counting" similar to that which occurred when UK forces in Germany were counted as both NATO forces and EU Rapid Reaction Corps.

Think 14 Int/R SIGS Electronic Warfare/Pathfinder Pl PARA/Green slime/Walter Mitties from Int Corps etc all in new SRR. Sneaky beakies who do the sneaking and bugging etc before SAS/SBS go in for example.

1 PARA (Rangers) are for standby/backup INFANTRY role if SAS/SBS need them for support/takeover seized objectives etc.

SAS/SBS stay in normal role of STRATEGIC attack troops ie taking out objectives that have STRATEGIC rather than TACTICAL value.

I think the last poster means Political, not military value.........

what colour beret will they wear? sand or green slime?!!

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