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Oui or Non?

Telegraph | News | 'Yes' and 'No' camps both turn to De Gaulle

The towering figure of Charles de Gaulle has been dragged into France's debate on the EU constitution, with backers and opponents arguing over whether the former president would have said "Oui" or "Non" to the treaty.

As three opinion polls yesterday showed that the "No" vote would prevail in the May 29 plebiscite, each camp redoubled its efforts to ally itself with the man who epitomises France's national identity.

And they are even trying to buy M. Marché Libre's vote...

French hunters have become the latest beneficiaries of their government's feverish attempts to ensure a "Yes" vote in the referendum.

The move to buy votes from the traditionally Eurosceptic hunters came in the form of a push for a relaxation of the rules of a 1979 EU directive on the shooting season.

The prime minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, has offered the country's 1.5 million hunters an extension of the season for certain species and the ecology minister, Serge Lepeltier, has promised to delay a ban on lead cartridges.

Of course, tacticaly we should all urge the Garlic Eaters to vote "Yes" - because us Anglo Saxons want to turn the EU into a Thatcherite Market and we want to buy up all their homes and sleep with their boys (you know about us Englishmen - eh, Garcon)and let the Turks in (and you know about the Turks too don't you Pierre!)and ban unpasturised cheese and make you drink English wine... So remember the English want you to vote "Oui" - so what are you going to do?


How do we get this message across to the French, it sounds like a strategic winner.

This is so transparently Kerryish, a "push" what's that? If that's so easily done by a French *prime minister* - who if I understand the EU correctly has no EU power, it's even more easily un-done.
W-W-CdG-Do indeed!

Bien sûr, tacticaly nous devrions toute envie les Mangeurs d'Ail pour voter « Oui » - parce que nous les Saxons Anglo veulent tourner l'UE dans un Marché de Thatcherite et nous voulons acheter en haut toutes leurs maisons et dormons avec leurs garçons (vous sait de nous Anglais - eh, Garcon) et a laissé les Turcs dans (et vous savez des Turcs ne fait pas aussi vous Pierre !) et l'interdiction unpasturised fromage et fait vous boire Vin.. Donc rappeler le besoin anglais vous pour voter « Oui » - si qu'allez-vous faire ?

I've just got back from Skiing in France.

It looks like East Germany!

Ski resorts are crawling with Brits in nice cars.

French Women are VERY attractive, especially after Grande Bierre's.

Outside the Ski-Resorts the place is a crumbling mess.

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