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Election code word - "Britain"

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Kennedy set to 'talk Britain up'

He joins Gordon "Tax and Waste" Brown in his sudden call for "Britain". Deciphered this word now means that I'm a Scottish MP and I want to rule England - England is not a country but a bunch of regions as decided by the EU - I'm wrapping myself in the flag as a scoundrel does so you don't see my traitorous intent to the English.
Mark this word on your Election Bingo card and tick it off as it is uttered by various sleaze merchants.


Ah, so this Scot is using the concept of Britain to INVADE and TAKE OVER the poor English, and shaft them. Nothing at all like the way the English invented and used the concept of Britain to take over and shaft the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish, then, oh no...

what it means dyddgu, is that there is a growing
movement for English Independence. We can't wait to be rid of you whingers.


You have a very odd site. Try spelling words correctly instead of pressing keys in a random manner.

Dear "Bazza"
Don't worry. Can't wait to be rid of you sanctimonious English gits either. Unless you learn to be polite or something, that is.

And Pete Moore - o leia 'mod i wedi dysgu dy iaith di, y coc oen.

I think Pete's ancestry was called into question by the Taff......no wonder I can't understand my Taffy wife when she tells me about the news today....cmyru am blyth Tony Blair yakki da British Aerospace yiggy am llanfartig MG Rover llfairphywll Scottish Parliament yaki Oona King ads George Galloway go go goch. See Pete? If you listen for the English words then you too can speak Welsh/Taffy/Oggi Oggi Oggi Oi Vey Cornish Pasty....anyway off to bed to see my lovely Welsh wife and show her that not all Jocks like sheep...

An English parliament would indeed be good, but perhaps we should let the Welsh have one, too? What they have now is a mere "assembly", which doesn't do much except make it look as if Tony has done what was desired of him.

An assembly with far less power than the Scottish Parliament....my local council has more power and ability to get things done!

When the Scottish and Welsh have taken their hands out of our pockets, then they can slag us off. The Barnett Formula funnels more than twice the revenue raised by the oil into Scotland - and funny how revenue from resources elsewhere in Britain are regarded as "British", to be shared around, but the oil is "Scottish", isn't it? Personally, I believe Scotland and Wales could do with an influx of new blood. Their attitudes are narrow minded, faintly moronic and totally out of touch with modern day England - or the rest of the world. They can be proud - oh SO proud, on England's money!

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