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Tory Manifesto - backdoor English Parliament?


Now that exclusively Scottish matters are decided by the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, exclusively English matters should be decided in Westminster without the votes of MPs sitting for Scottish constituencies who are not accountable to English voters. We will act to ensure that English laws are decided by English votes.


This is a sensible move that would bring parity to the political rights of the English. It would also make it very tricky for non-Conservative governments in future to deliver on their manifestos without Conservative support in England.

Note also that this time around an equal vote between Labour and Conservative gives Labour a 100 seat majority plus or minus. Before the next election the Electoral Commission will implement constituency redistricting that will equalise the number of voters in each constituency to a significant extent - this will work hugely to the Conservative advantage as currently they have a smaller number of large seats with Labour holding a larger number of less populous ones.

Taken together the boundary changes and keeping English votes for English issues would largely undo the current bias towards Labour - but more importantly give the English voter an equal and fair say in the government of England.

So you are also advocating a more devolved Wales?Or are we counted as "English" in this?

If it was my choice - fully devolved Wales as per Scotland. But then no Welsh MPs voting on English Business.

Wales - remind me it is over there somewhere isn't it?
I suggest you ask that nice Mr Howard, who is as welsh as the next man, why he forgot to mention it.

This is crap. Why are the Welsh going to get another referendum while the English again get nothing? Why should Scottish and Welsh ministers be able to sit in English executive positions when English MPs cannot sit on the Scottish or welsh executives?

Another reason not to vote Tory. If they, of all parties, cannot even get the most basic principles of representative democracy correct then all hope is lost for this country.

Read the Manifesto thismorning. The Policing and taxation plans are more important to me right now, but devolution must come sooner or later.

Gareth, there may be reasons n0ot to vote Tory, but there is one very good reason to put your X in the blue corner, it starts with 'Nu' and ends with Tony as pm for another four years...

All one necessarily needs to rectify the West Lothian problem is an Act of Parliament which prevents Scottish MP's from voting on English issues.

The creation of an English parliament isn't needed in that respect.

Despise Tony as I do I'd rather look forward to him trying to run Britain on a slender majority. Watch in fascination as he relies time and again on the votes of Scots and Welsh MPs to impose legislation on England only for the English Lords to send it straight back. Watch in goulish horror as he attempts to offload the top job to poor old Gordon Brown, and then revel in the pure joy of it all as the English Labour Party revolts and the House declares 'No confidence' in the Government.

I think the English votes for English laws is a great idea and typically conservative - ie a pragmatic way to solve what is undoubtedly a constitutional problem. An English Parliament would be nearly identical in composition to Westminster's English MPs anyway so why bother with the expense? (God knows the Scottish Parliament and Northern Irish assembly have cost enough!)

But I disagree with the bloke who said:
"Why should Scottish and Welsh ministers be able to sit in English executive positions when English MPs cannot sit on the Scottish or welsh executives?"

Since it isn't an English executive and is the Executive of the government of the United Kingdom.

Therein lies the problem Beano. England needs an English executive, not a UK executive, running England. Why should we have a Scottish 'first minister'; a Scottish Health Secretary; a Scottish Transport Secretary; a Welsh Leader of the House? Bollocks to it.

This is just a procedural change, it does not give England a legal constitutional existance. It could simply be reversed whenever the mood took the Government. It's also subjective. I believe the Tories want to allow the Speaker to decide when it is appropriate for Scots and Welsh to vote and when it isn't. It's a recipe for disaster.

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