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Spring Growth

Checking the plants this morning I'm glad to see all 100 seem to be growing - 1.15 of public subsidy well spent on each one I think you will agree.

Update below;

Some confusion - I should have said this is a Horse Chestnut sapling - Aesculus hippocastanum - growing in a protective tube. I mentioned - post - I was going to buy some. I have no idea what some of you were thinking!


Are they what I think they are?

I don't know - what do you think they are?

Ermm.. I think I'm confused. Or maybe I'm not, which just confuses me more.

Just tell the cops that you are Scottish football and rugby supporter and that you need it to relieve the pain.

woooooooooo pot

Horse Chestnut saplings a likely story, what do you think we've been smoking?

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