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Priorities for the Police

Times Online

TRAFFIC police are being awarded points for arresting law breakers in a new system to boost productivity.
Officers in the Thames Valley have been set a minimum haul of 200 points a month, with different crimes attracting different points. Under the scheme, police will be given ten points for arresting a rapist or burglar compared with five for a motorist talking on a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt.

Says it all doesn't it about priorities - so if you are driving in the Thames Valley watch out!


So if an officer spots a rape in progress or three motoring offences they should ignore the rapist and arrest the three motorists, if they want the points.

What if the police do a good job and prevent crime so there are no arrests? It would be super efficient, but not rewarded under the scheme.

What a disgraceful scheme. It pre-supposes a level of criminality which may not be present, the basis of the scheme must surely be a belief that officers are unwilling to arrest offenders, otherwise what is this scheme targetting?

The scheme insults victims of crime by giving two minor motoring infractions the same pointage as a rape. Let's face it, if a car driver isn't wearing a seatbelt and has an accident it is primarly they that suffer the consequences. Talking on a mobile phone while driving can be dangerous and cause harm to be inflicted on others, but it is not even close to deliberately inflicting harm on others.

It certainly tells us about priorites, and we seem now to be facing a dogma of all criminals are equal regardless of the offence. The next stage will be a prioritisation of offences against the state and ones where the state can make money over those against the person.

Tell me this is not true but some form of belated April fool.

Remember kids points mean prizes!

I think I actually feel sick reading this stuff...something to consider though: How long before this liberal mess all falls down - they can't carry on with the paradox of flagging up equality and womens rights while at the same time saying the most disgusting crime against a women is the same as two people driving while on the phone!

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