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Humanism through Strength

Remember Jack Straw saying, “This Constitution is a victory for Britain and the British view of Europe”.

Now there is a message that we ought to take out adverts in France to spread, because as Chirac trys to rally the Yes vote we get a slightly different message from him!

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Key quotes: Chirac on EU constitution

So, there were two possible solutions - either letting things drift, as we have done so far, in other words, a solution leading to the kind of Europe which is driven by the ultra-liberal current, an Anglo-Saxon, Atlanticist kind of Europe. This is not the kind of Europe we want.
The second option is a humanist Europe, but one which in order to impose its humanism, its values, must be organised, must be strong, the kind of Europe which has the necessary power in order to be counted in the world of tomorrow...

And this means that it needs to be organised, that it needs to have shared ambition, and this organisation which gives it its strength needs rules, of course.

And why does the phrase "impose its humanism" with "organisation" and "strength" send shivers down my spine?


Remember 'Strength through joy' or 'Arbeit Macht Frei'?

Shivers down your spine? Scares the Dickens out of me sir. Besides which, I thought 'Humanism' was just a cowardly way of saying 'Atheism', no?

Nothing wrong with Athiesm, you just have to watch out incase people god-transfer to worship the state...

"Strength through joy" a they used to say back in the Third Reich...........

Chiraq is a jerk, and I'll keep saying so until I die. He has always wanted to be "king".

"I thought 'Humanism' was just a cowardly way of saying 'Atheism', no?"
No. Atheism is a description. Humanism is a philosophy. Atheism says what you don't believe in. Humanism says what you do. You can be Humanist without being atheist, and atheist without being Humanist.

Chirac wouldn't know what Humanism was it if walked up and slapped him in the kisser. He's just saying it because it sounds good. To him, anyways.

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