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Unfree Trade

BBC NEWS | UK | Protesters call for trade justice

In Brussels, a funeral procession saw coffins filled with rice, chickens and tomatoes to highlight, what campaigners say, is the affect the EU free trade has on communities and livelihoods in developing countries.

With such great economists as Ronan Keating, Beverley Knight, Vanessa Redgrave and Pete Postlethwaite on board it is hard to argue with them but let me try.

The Trade Justice demands are:

1. The EU should unilaterally end agricultural export subsidies now

2. The EU should support changes to trade rules to enshrine the right of
developing countries to protect their domestic agricultural sectors on the
grounds of food security, livelihood security and sustainable rural
development. As a first step at the WTO, the EU should ensure developing
countries are able to self-select products on these grounds to be exempt
from any further liberalisation...

They really don't get it do they? To accuse the EU of "Free Trade" is bizarre. It is the non-Free Trade of Agricultural subsidies that causes the problem. And the solution - to encourage developing countries to create their own CAPs is plain bloody stupid. But "Free Trade" is now the "problem" when actually they are against "Freedom" and want to organise the little brown peasants; because in that smug liberal caring way deep-down they dont believe little brown peasants are capable of organising their own lives...


In London Sean Gabb accused the Christian Aid crowd of being "Kumabaya Socialists"... superb.

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