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Do you like Kipling?

"I don't know I have never Kipled"

Or as L'Ombre de l'Olivier says:

Somehow though I suspect that the people who ought to be reading Kipling (and Orwell) are those who dismiss both as dated, simplistic and/or wrong. I do note that many in the military and those who support the military - what one might call the "red-state" crowd - are both aware of Kipling and enjoy both his prose and poetry whereas the sophisticated label him as "imperialist" or "proto-fascist" and depict his work as little better than "talentless hack journalism" despite borrowing phrases such as "the white-man's burden" from him when they wish to criticise the Hegemonic or Imperialistic Neo-conservatives.

Sit back with a cup of Columbian's finest and read the rest,


I rather like the old man myself, however, I beleive it was Twain (Clemmens) who said 'A classic is a book everyone wants to have read, but no-body wants to read.' Too true.

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