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Labour wants to Move On

Blair hires controversial US election cyberactivist - silicon.com

The Labour Party has hired the controversial cyberactivist responsible for running the Democratic Party's internet campaigns during the 2004 US presidential election.

Zack Exley was hired by Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry after setting up the political website MoveOn.org, which engaged in grassroots campaigning and claimed to have built an online community of some 2 million political activists.
But Exley made his name some years earlier when he snapped up the gwbush.com domain for $70 and promptly used it to set up a website to post fake photos portraying the now-US president as a cocaine-snorting alcoholic.

Left it a bit late for this election? But the tidal wave of sleaze from Labour is growing and so this is only to be expected.


And we all know how Kerry won by a landslide, right?

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