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Britain's Golden Shower Girl

Just glancing at my referrers this morning I noticed a heap of perverts looking for Google Search: paula radcliffe london marathon piddle and Pee and Shit etc.

Which perplexed me. Not wanting to disappoint my visitors I did some research. I rescued the sports pages from the bin and looked through - Yee Gods the bloody woman just squatted down and took a dump on the side of the road, in front of the crowds and live on TV - Photo. And they say she is an inspiration to the young. I tell you athletics are bad for your body - have you seen the state she is in? I couldn't fancy that even after six months in solitary ; bad for your brain - have you ever heard an intelligent word spoken by an athlete - they have to use a coach to learn how to breathe, for Gods sake; and bad for society.
And people want the Olympics in London - it might be acceptable to squat in the gutter in Paris - in fact I believe it is the norm. But in London?
If I want to see women peeing I believe there are clubs for that sort of thing - not on the streets please.


I had a picture on my blog entitled 'tits.jpg'

Now 10% of my Google related traffic hits for that. The mysteries of page rank...

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