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Cry for St George

BBC NEWS | England | Shopkeeper in St George's Day row

A shopkeeper has been ordered to remove his flags celebrating St George by council officials who say they breach health and safety rules.
Phil Moffat has been told the 20 flags hoisted from lampposts near his shop in Tuebrook, Liverpool, are dangerous..a council spokesman said: "We are not trying to be spoilsports.

"There is a clear danger to Mr Moffat himself and an obvious road safety hazard. The flags could distract drivers, fall off and hit cars or pedestrians and it could encourage others to follow suit."

I suggest a few Council spoilsports tarred and feathered hanging from the posts would be a suitable alternative.

UPDATE : "A council which ordered a patriotic shopkeeper to remove England flags from outside his business has backed down. "


What a load of rubbish.If flags could distract drivers, there would be massive pile ups in front of every petrol station, car dealership, hotel and school in America. You can't drive a mile without being confronted by a 100 foot high flag, flapping in the breeze, and we're all still here.

The revelation is the concern about others being encouraged to follow suit. So what? What are they so afraid of?

There was a mass of letters/ messages to the local papaer in Liverpool in support of Mr. Moffat. So much so, the paper (Liverpool Echo) printed a full page of them. Read them here: http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/shortpoints/search.cfm?searchscope=50061&query=st.+george%27s+day&num=10&start=0

Because of all this, Mr. Moffat's 'Churchill's' butcher shop has recieved more publicity than he could ever hope for!

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