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German Jokes - Part III

Knock, knock
Whos there?
Federal Express
Federal Express who?
I dont know. I just deliver packages.

Knock, knock
Whos there?
Tom who?
Tom Buchanan.
Hi Tom.

Knock knock
Whos there?
Pizza delivery guy.
Pizza delivery guy who?
You ordered a pizza?
Im the guy delivering it.

And before anyone complains, yes I borrowed them from somewhere else! _ but I must get Google back sending people to my site for German Jokes and not for Paula Radcliffe Pissing Pictures, which is what most of my visitors today have been after.


Those jokes really are not that funny! Well, apart from a zany random kind of humour,
which I suppose derives from the lack of necessity for the door-answerer to ask: "... who?". I'm guessing that these would be much funnier if you had had loads of wordplay jokes first. Most English knock-knock jokes are wordplay orientated , are german ones the same? I assume that wordplay would be nearly impossible to translate of course.

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