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Goggle Danger


Hertfordshire County Council is afraid the goggles could spring back, hitting children in the face. It says they can be worn only "in exceptional circumstances".

BBC NEWS | England | Gloucestershire | Goggle wearing ban making waves

Children in Gloucestershire are being advised not to wear swimming goggles because they are a "safety hazard".

And as always the Council comes up with some weasel words:
Susan Robbins, from Gloucestershire County Council, said the authority was not banning wearing goggles.

"What we're doing is giving schools advice which is based on national safety advice and we're saying children shouldn't be wearing goggles for school swimming lessons. It is a safety hazard," she said.

Wearing goggles is the minimum safety clothing I think you should wear with the average council run pool being a 50:50 mixture of Chlorine and Piss - what with "Senile Water Aerobics", "Toddler Leaking Nappy Funtime" etc. - and I suppose those saddoes who thrash up and down the lanes in their Speedos take their cue from Paula Radcliffe and think winning is more important than getting out the bath to pee.
You wouldn't catch me in one even though Kennet Council mulcts me for hundreds of pounds every year to subsidise their "Leisure Centres".


So "wedgies" are still OK then?

Ah! Health and safety, can't be too cautious now can we? I expect the twit who dreamed this one up managed to snap her goggles to her face once when she was having a tantrum and now thinks all kids are at risk! I agree about swimming in "Leisure Centre" pools as well!

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