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Prescott buys votes with ratepayers money

Telegraph | News | How Prescott put 1bn on council tax

Council tax is expected to rise sharply after the election following Labour's decision not to raise the retirement age for local government workers from 60 to 65, leaked Government papers revealed last night.

Last month's decision by John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, not to proceed with the higher retirement age averted a 24-hour strike by a million council workers as the election approached.

Ministers agreed to revoke changes, due to come into force on April 1, after workers, from binmen to dinner ladies, threatened to walk out.

I feel like going on strike against having to work longer to support these bastards. I hadn't realised that all the Local Government workers clocked off at 60 to enjoy a taxpayer funded holiday - while the few wealth creating ratepayers left tend to keep bloody working to pay the bills.


One wanders why anyone bothers leaking or reporting on government shenanigans when poll after poll indicates the Great Brittish public forgiving Nu Laber any (every) damn thing...

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